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Access Denied - My Media and Kaltura
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Our site uses something called Cross-Site Scripting to display our media files, and your browser is likely blocking certain cookies that make this possible. Generally, this is an acceptable security measure that shouldn't cause issues, but it will on our website.

There are a few methods to fix this issue. If you know how, you can allow all cookies from the site, and then use the Clear Browsing Data to clear cookies and reload.


Sometimes the issue with Kaltura can be cause by adblockers. You can disable them with these instructions: Disabling Adblock Plus & uBlock Origin

You can also use a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, which can easily adjust their security settings.

You can also try adjusting your security settings directly in your browser. To do so, follow the steps below by selecting your browser:




Safari (MacOSX and iOS)


If these steps don't help and you are still having issues, please Submit a Helpdesk Ticket





(If you are using Chrome on iOS, locate "Chrome" in your settings and confirm that Cross-Site tracking is turned on, rather than off. Chrome has its setting labeled as "Allow Cross-Website Tracking" which is what we want. On Android devices, the settings below are more similar, and located in the settings in the app.)

In Chrome, open your settings by clicking the 3 vertical dots at the top-right of the browser and click "Settings"

Then, click Privacy and Security, and select "Security":




From there, you can change your security settings. If you're set to Enhanced, use Standard:



Once you’ve changed your settings, go back to the Privacy and Security page. Click “Clear Browsing Data,” then clear out Cookies and Cached Images and Files. Make sure your time range is set to “All Time.” This will likely log you out of any websites you are logged into, so make sure to save your work wherever necessary.






In Firefox, the steps are a little different. Firefox blocks Cross-Site scripting and related Cookies by default. Again, you'll need to go to settings by clicking the 3 lines at the top right, then select Privacy and Security. You will need to change your settings to the Custom option, which by default uses the same settings as Standard.

Change your settings to look like below, removing only the Cookies blocker.



Once this is done, click "Reload All Tabs" and then scroll down to Cookies and Site Data, then click Clear Data. You should make sure both boxes are checked, then hit Clear.






In Safari, you can make these changes by clicking “Safari” located on the toolbar in the top-left corner of your browser. Choose “Preferences” then select “Privacy” and uncheck the box next to “Prevent cross-site tracking,” as shown below:



Then, click "Manage Website Data..." and select "Remove All"

Once you're done, reload your class or the page you were trying to access media on. You may need to log back in, but you should be able to view the media you were unable to before.


For Safari on iOS, navigate to your main phone settings. Scroll down until you locate "Safari" 



Then, make sure the "Prevent Cross-site tracking" option is turned off. 


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